Until June 27th the startup duduku.de is auctioning itself at eBay – including domains, trademark, web 2.0 application, design and company.
Until now, dukudu.de is running the beta of their twitter-like friend information service. You can inform your different circles of friends via a Web- and SMS-based interface: What you are actually doing … or what is going on right now.
The project team did not manage to get the needed capital for a nationwide rollout and the team also separates for private reasons. It’s a great pity!
Some interesting facts for developers: dukudu.de was realized in PHP, based on the CakePHP-framework, and MySQL. They use inbound-SMS numbers from mobilant.de in Germany … at least in beta mode.

Sources: basicthinking.de, Auction: ebay.de

The German internet company allesklar.com AG bought dukudu for 36,309.24 Euro (without VAT). Not bad.

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