Archiv October, 2008

Jason Chen, android-Developer-Advocate at Google, just blogged the good news: One day before the first T-Mobile-G1 android-smartphones ship in the US, the Open Handset Alliance released the sourcecode of the android operating system as open source. Quite logical and necessary step … but don’t under estimate this: This step may change the mobile industry like LINUX changed the computer industry.

Joshua from just published a first review of the Google-Phone T-Mobile G1 just before the official roll-out of the Android-cellphone in the US. He tested the hard- and software – so this is a must for all those of you, who want to know more about the new phone! Thanks Josuha!

Android T-Mobile-Google G1 Online Emulator

Don’t expect too much … the online emulator gives just a first impression of the look-and-feel of the first Android-smartphone. The mobile, manufactured by HTC and equipped with the Android-OS created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, will enter the US market in the end of this month.

It’s fun to play around with the user interface within the emulator created in Flash. Although you find the warning “This screen is not fully functional!” still on many screens – it’s the absolute right step in a new form of customer communication: Customers should not by the G1 because of the datasheet-facts – but because of the user interface and the additional functions. Finally it’s more “selling a great user experience”  and no more “selling-nice-looking-hardware”. Great news for mobile application development!

Sources: Thanks to aptgetupdate