Howto: reactivate your Kyocera printer under Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Printer drivers under Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard are still sometimes causing trouble. After explaining how to reactivate an OKI-printer – here is the solution for an Kyocera-Mita-printer … and as always: no guarantee and on your own risk:

Problem: After updating from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard the installed printer driver for the Kyocera-postscript driver does not work anymore. Here it’s an Kyocera Mita FS-2000D … but it should also work with other models. The printer diver was installed under Leopard and worked quite well. After finishing the update to 10.6 you are able to send a print job to the printer, but an error message shows up in the print queue.

Diagnosis:There are incorrect file permissions under Snow Leopard fort he Kyocera printer driver … and this causes some trouble. BTW a warm thank you to @kappuchino for his diagnosis and solution!

Solution:There is nothing like fixing the bug yourself 😉 You can easily fix the problem by one command in the Terminal:

  1. Log into your Mac as an administrator.
  2. Open the program “Terminal” – you’ll find it under “Programs/Utilities”.
  3. Input the following command into the appearing command-line window and finish it with pressing the return-key:
  4. Now, you’ll be prompted for your password … so put in your password of the admin account and finish the input by pressing the return key again
  5. That’s it. Just Close the Terminal program. Now printing on the Kyocera printer should be work like a charm.


  1. THANK YOU!!!!

  2. You’re welcome, Emma! Good, to know that this helps others, too 😉

  3. Awesome! Thank you. It worked great for our Kyocera KM-C4035E Copier/Printer

  4. When I try to type a pasword, it doesn’t work.

  5. @Dirk: are you logged into your Mac with an account that has administration rights? You can check that in your “System Preferences” / “User”. Maybe this is why you don’t have the right password.

  6. My print jobs are remaining in the print queue. They print ok, but I have to manually delete the job after it rints.

  7. Cheers kappuchino and codedifferent for this solution. There are a couple of Aussies I know who will be glad to hear of this fix. Many thanks. Dave

  8. @Phil: This sounds weird … but I did not encounter this problem here … anybody else having an idea how to help Phil?

  9. Works like a charm! Thanks so much!

  10. Awesome! This solved my problem with an FS-C5020N on a 2 year old iMac.

  11. This worked a charm for the Kyocera KM5050. Snow Leopard has caused some major problems on my Macbook Pro. Mainly Adobe Creative Suite 3 keeps crashing.

    Thank you.

  12. Unfortunately this does not work if different accounts are set on the machine :-( [on a KM-3050]

  13. Funny that my reCaptcha for this was 35 and hassle… I guess this is going to be a long hassle for me.

    I’ve got it to load a bit, but the problem is that the KMAccountID is struck-through and gives me the message that this bundle is not compatible with this architecture. So although I can get further, I can’t print because our printer has a passcode and I can put it in.

    Argh, I really am hating printing on 10.6. My trusty Epson Stylus 740 doesn’t work either.

  14. I can print now, there is one other step to get around the issue if you have Job accounting set up on your printer.

    aaike, what you have to do is go to the Finder and located the application that you are trying to print from and do a Get Info on that Application. Next what you have to do is check the button that says “Open in 32-bit mode”. Relaunch the program e.g.. Mail, and then print and all should work!

    Cheers, Andrew.

  15. Yeah! This worked for a Kyocera C170N printer!

  16. Yes! Works great on a Kyocera FS-C5015N

  17. Thank you! I’m now able to print to our KM-3050 again.

  18. holy krap thank you!

    works on km-2030

  19. wow! Thanks so much for this. Why the h@ll do the Kyocera people not know this. I spent 2 hours on the phone today trying to find out when they were going to update drivers. Worked perfectly for our Kyocera K-3232E

  20. Thank you so much!
    Works perfect on our KM-C2525E

  21. @Jamie: … maybe the Kyocera support team should read my blog 😉

  22. OMG this worked perfectly for my FS-3920 with fresh drivers installed AFTER a snow leopard upgrade. I actually thought that Kyocera Needed to update their drivers.. and was sitting waiting for them to make an update available.. I guess not, now!! Thanks so much.. your a lifesaver!

  23. Thank you so much for this. Worked with my macbook on a Kyocera 4050 on a windows network.

  24. Thanks, works great for KM-1650.

  25. Worked great on a KM-3225E KX Color

  26. You made my day – thank you! This worked on a FS-4000DN.

  27. Worked great on my KM-1650. What would the world do without people like you! Thank you so much.

  28. This is printing as a line printer, of course. I can get to seeing the Kyocera drivers and to “Printer Ready”, but no banana — it won’t print. “Unable to contact printer” it says. I’ve tried all sorts of variations of reinstalling the driver, redoing the Terminal line. By the way — Kyocera Australia kindly sent me a “Kyocera OS X 10.6 permissions patch” with installer. I presume this was basically the same as the fix you offer. That didn’t work either.

    The really big question though is: what on earth is wrong with Apple? They killed AppleTalk? Was something wrong with it? Like they cut out default installation of Rosetta? Are we all supposed to have the very latest apps? Where did “plug and play” go? Are they crazy? I am really p*ssed off with them.

    Cheers, Geoff

    Geoffrey Heard
    The Ad Doctor Online

  29. Hello

    This Terminal line here (or its equivalent) is now being distributed from Kyocera download sites as an installable “permissions patch”. The key to my being unable to print with the line above or the patch in place was that I wasn’t getting the message that I had to set up the TCP/IP components in the printer to match those of the computer. My friend, Kino, advised me about this as follows:

    First of all, you have to choose an address which is not used by any other Mac. To check for addresses already used by a Mac, open Network System Pref pane, select “Ethernet” and hit “Advanced…” button to open the setting sheet. In my Mac mini, I see “IPv4 Address:″, “Subnet Mask:″ and “Router: 192:168.1.1″ in TCP/IP tab. My PowerMac G4’s IPv4 Address is “”. As I don’t have another Mac, something like “” should be OK *for me*.

    These numbers worked for me. You need to go to the printer’s control panel, press “Menu” then work your way through to TCP/IP. Make sure it is turned on, then change the numbers it gives so that the Subnet Mask and Router (Gateway) are the same as on the numbers the Mac has. Then change the IP Address to one like the Mac but a few numbers different.

    Now — Launch /Applications/Utilities/Network, switch to Ping and send 10 pings to the IP address you’ve set up in the printer. If it works, you are in business, if not, check for errors in setting the number and putting it into the ping thing.

    This must work before proceeding further.

    Then — in Print & Fax System Pref., add a new printer.
    – Click on the IP graphic at the top.
    – Leave the protocol at Line Printer Daemon (or set it to IPP if you like).
    – Type the correct IP address in, leave the queue blank for the default to fill, give the printer a name and name its location (or not if it is just local). I gave my printer its EtherTalk name — I’m used to it.
    – Select the printer driver. At one point it came up “FS-3800 — Gutenprint 5.2.3″, at another, and eventually as FS-3800 – KPDL2. My mate Kino suggests using the Gutenprint one because it comes with OS X.6, but I’m using the KPDL2, which is all it offers me now.

    Now print!!!

    BLOODY APPLE — what happened to PLUG’N’PLAY???

    Cheers, Geoff

    Geoffrey Heard
    The Ad Doctor Online

  30. Thanks!

    This made it work for my FS-C5015N.

  31. i get this…

    chown: /wheel: Invalid argument
    macbookpro-b273:~ DirkDavis$

    any suggestions

  32. Great, thank you!! It works perfectly with a Kyocera KM-C2525E

  33. I tried using terminal and when I add the command it asks me for my password. Unfortunately, the password does not work. I know the password is correct since I used it to add other software updates. I am logged in under admin. The only other option in user accounts is guest. I have both a KM 3035 and KM 5035. Both are older machines.

    KM did not have a snow leopard patch specifically for these machines. When I download the patch for the other machines it comes up as a .sit file. When I try to expand that it tells me there is no file to open. Any help would be appreciated.

  34. Works great for my C5016N. Only one slight hitch. terminal wouldn’t accept my null password. So i changed it to something then it worked. Then changed back to null afterwards. – Thanks very much!

  35. @Patrick: Is your password to your admin account a null-password as Stuart described it? Than you should change it into a “real” password.

    BTW: I only can encourage everybody to use real passwords to protect (especially admin) accounts. A null password is always a huge security threat!

  36. @Dirk: Did you double check the command when you typed it into the terminal? It must be exactly like it was posted above. Your error message looks like a typo in the command.

  37. Kyocera provided me with a OS X 10.6.command file to execute, but I get the error ” could not be executed because you do not have appropiate access privileges”
    I’m the Admin for the system and have no password, any clues neither Apple nor Kyocera have been able to help

  38. Thanks a lot for this post. Made my KM-3035 work. Cheers.

  39. Thanks a million. Had the problem at an Kyocera KM-1650, too. Works like a charm now.

    It’s people like you that make me love the interwebs.

  40. so I went through all of the above and when I send a job it goes to the print queue and says sending data file and it acts like it is going and clears off the queue like it went but nothing prints.

  41. Worked on a kyo 3900DN! thanks!

  42. Worked like a charm! You are awesome!

  43. Nice Trick! We use Job Accounting. Instead of changing Mail and Safari to 32 bit mode, I only changed Preview. From Mail or Safari, choose print, then select Open PDF in Preview. Print from there.

    No sense in sacrificing a lot of performance in a lot of apps to be able to print a few pages. Just schlep it to Preview.

  44. Thank you for problem solving so that I didn’t have to. While the 1030Ds worked fine before the fix, the 5015s and 5050s did not. Now they all work as well as they ever did.

  45. Many Thanks, it works well with a FS-C5016N. BTW for those like me who have problem with the comand. I first type the comand but did not work. Finaly, it work when I copy/paste the comand.

  46. Thank

    it worked for my FS-C5020N

  47. I had used your ‘recipe’ for fixing my KM 1650 before and it worked beautifully (see my comment on 17 September); since then I had to reinstall all my printers on my computer. When wanting to reactivate the KM 1650 I have trouble entering the password although I am prompted to enter it after entering the command-line in terminal. The screen just does not take it! Is there any solution for this problem? It would be highly appreciated!!! Thanks

  48. I have not been able to get this to work.
    When I type the line

    sudo chown root:wheel /usr/libexec/cups/filter/kyofilter

    and enter my password I get a response to the effect that the file does not exist.
    I don’t have a Mac here at the moment for the exact response they are my kids Macbooks using OS10.6 trying to print to a FS-1010 shared on an XP Pro SP3 PC.

    Printing from the Mac I can see the print job go through the Windows print queue and the lights on the printer flash then nothing.

  49. worked great, thx!!!

  50. This worked perfectly – Thanks!

  51. You’re a hero, thanks for this!

  52. Worked as expected, thank you !

  53. it works great now … also with the fs-c5015n … thanks a lot man!

  54. Thanks mate! It’s been so useful!!!!! I was getting crazy until I read your post!!!!

    thanks again!

  55. Thanks so much. Two techs and multiple hours of work couldn’t figure out the problem. Google found your website and in five minutes I was printing to my Kyocera Mita 3035! Much appreciation for your help!

  56. For some printers, a 10.6 Installer appears in the Kyocera list, e.g. FS-C5100DN, but not for others. I have an FS-1920, but tried installing this file (PPD 8.4) anyway, but still using the FS-1920 ppd file.
    The printer still hangs sometimes, as the previous job never finishes (It does really, but stays in the list). Nothing happens unless it’s “deleted”.
    I’ve also installed usbtb, and changed the kyofilter permission as above.
    But, today I looked at the Log file – see Logs in System Profiler: error log,
    and it says: “E [06/Jun/2010:12:40:09 +0100] Filter directory “/usr/libexec/cups/filter” for printer “Kyocera_FS_1920″ not owned by root”, which it’s said for every print job since 28th May, when there was much forcing of cupsd to quit.
    So, as it’s saying it’s the path to kyofilter that’s not owned, I used “sudo chown root:wheel /usr/libexec/cups/filter/”, and this has stopped the error report.
    Now, if only I could stop the “Collated” box always being checked in the Print dialog pane! I know I could save a new Preset, but I need to print from Filemaker and its options don’t appear, unless using “Standard”

  57. Amazing! Worked perfectly for the FS-C5300.

  58. I logged into the Mac Book as an administrator (root). I typed in the modification as instructed, hit enter but was not prompted for the admin password. I rebooted the Mac, went to the sys pref panel, selected print and fax and added a printer with his own dedicated i/p address. Selected the driver (Kyocera FS 4000DN KPDL) It still would not work. Any other thoughts? robr

  59. @robr: I’m not sure … but normally you do not log into your Mac with root … you normally have a user account which has the “Administrator” flag enabled. Then you open up the terminal and input the command listed above. The command starts with sudo … which tells your mac that the following command chown has to be executed by a superuser (that superuser is root).
    One other thing: did you install the Kyocera printer driver before?

  60. After reading your response, I tried a few things such as permissions repair, adding and deleting printers before I got the sequence correct. I installed the Kyocer Print Driver pkg, added the command line. Restarted the computer and installed the printers with success. On some machines that we have I added the command line, restarted, and the error message was gone. Thanks for your help and guidance. I work for a school district and I am looking at about 200 computers I have to change. Robr

  61. @robr … you’re welcome 😉 always a great pleasure to help!

  62. You rock.

  63. Thanks for this; MacBook with 10.6.4, drivers downloaded from Kyocera page, got error message ‘drivers not correctly installed’ or something, this permissions change fixed the problem, Kyocera FS-2000D printer.

  64. Worked on a KM-2550. I’ve been looking for this solution for months! Thank you.

  65. i love you!!

  66. Hallo,


  67. I have a brand new Imac and the above described problem with a Kyocera TASKalfa 300ci (KPDl). How do I get into the Programs/Utilities area of my computer to try the fix?

  68. @David: Open up a window in the Finder

  69. tnx works GREAT!!!

  70. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for such a great help. i tried your code to get work my FS-C5300 & KM-1650 but it says Password is not correct! I have NO PASSWORD for my imac & I’m a Administrator/Superuser. I tried same enter in to ROOT as Admin user but same issue!
    Can you pls guide help me to make work my printers?

    Thanks in advance


  71. Works on my FS-6950DN, thanks.

    Only printing from QuarkXPress won’t work… printer hangs in “pause”… anybody can help?!?!

  72. Great hint, and so simple… Thanks a lot for the research!

  73. I have a c2525e I am able to print and scan w/ 10.6 however I can’t print in landscape either at 8.5×11 or 11×17. If flip the document 90 degrees and print in portrait it prints fine.

    Any clue.

  74. Thank You!!!

    I was trying to use Kyocera KM-1650 over network with mac OSX-10.6.6. You saved my life.

  75. You are the man !!!!

    Thanks a lot worked on my Kyocera FS-C5030N

    OSX – 10.6.6

  76. Thank you so much for this fix! I can print again.

  77. Thank so much for the hint. It worked on our company, The code fixed our problem..

  78. @Bhavin

    In case you have yet to find a solution, please note: for the Permissions Fix to work, you *must have* a password assigned to your Administrator account.

    Go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES >> ACCOUNTS >> and choose your account. Create a password. Then, reboot your machine (and log-in, if necessary).

    Now run the script. When prompted, enter your password and press “Return”. Note that when you enter your password, you won’t see any of the characters you enter.

    You’ll find the script and instructions here:

    Note: “When keying in the Administrator Password, the Terminal window will keep the Password Masked so it will not display any change in the window when the characters are being input. *******If there is no password assigned, one must be created before running the OSX10.6 solution file********”

  79. Thanks!
    My kyocera FS-1118MFP in network now printing from Snow Leopard Mac OS 10.6.7

  80. Thanks. It worked like a charm.

  81. Great worked like a charm. Using OS 10.6.7 for the Kyocera Eco C220N Thanks

  82. hello,
    I have a brand new mac book pro with 10.6.8 on it. My printer kyocera 1370Dn prints just strange signs: lost of pages with one line only.
    I tried this hint you gave, but when I want to enter the text it gives me a warning that with this I could change important system configurations. If I want to proceed anyway it does not let me enter the password. I have admin rights and the password is definitely correct.
    what can I do?

  83. Where do you get that message, that you change important system configurations? When I input the terminal command, I only get prompted for the password.

  84. @Mike … strange behavior. Sound like a problem of the printer driver to me. Check whether there is a new version of the printer driver available. If you use the newest printer driver and it still does not function as it should: Just file a bug to Kyocera.

  85. Christian,

    First of all, I’m from M

  86. Deleting the printer on the Mac and setting it up again sound like a good idea to me. Here is how you do it:

    1. Open the “Settings” app on your Mac and navigate to the “Printer” section.
    2. Select the printer you want to delete in the left table an hit the minus-button on the bottom left of the table to actually delete it.
    3. Set up a new printer by adding with a click on the plus-button on the bottom left of the table.

    I cross my fingers that you solve the problem!

  87. Thank you. I can confirm this works on Intel Macs running Mac OS 10.6 and Kyocera KM-2550. The printer lost functionality during the Snow Leopard upgrade.

  88. We are having trouble installing our KM-2230 on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.8. When we try to print to the KM copier, the first page comes out with one line of Hieroglyphics, then a zillion blank pages follow. Have you come across this before? Is it possible that your fix also works on our OS?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

  89. Did you install an select the right printer driver for the KM-2230, yet? Sound like a basic printer driver problem to me.

  90. Yes. In fact, they just released a new driver, but that still has not resolved the issue.

  91. hola, que tal
    tengo apple mac, le instalo los drives se instalan correctamente, la agrego en impresoras y fax, se agrega, envio a imprimir dice que sale la impresion pero no sale para nada mi printer es Kyocera FS1016MFP, gracias de ante mano..

  92. This worked perfectly after my Lion upgrade on a CS-2550ci ….. tried countless things with no success…print queue kept saying “printer is busy” whenever I attempted to print. After doing this command line, I reinstalled the drivers using PDL and the IP, worked like a charm. thank you very much!

  93. I am running a 27″ iMac (mid 2010 model) and have just upgraded to OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.3 from Snow Leopard. I have a Kyocera KM-1650 printer which worked fine in Snow Leopard but now won’t print.
    I have tried your fix using Terminal but it hasn’t fixed it.

    When printing I get an error saying: Filter failed

    Any suggestions?

  94. Hi Dave … did you check for the newest driver on the oki webpage, yet? Maybe there’s the problem.

  95. Thank you! Got the same problem and fixed it the way specified here.

  96. Moving from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5. Koyocera CS-1820 printer-scanner. Printing works fine wirelessly. Scanning doesn’t. I checked that the IP addresses are correct. Error message says NG (is that not good?)


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