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iOS application icon naming conventions

A short reminder on how to name your iPhone / iPad app icons properly. Sure, you can always specify those names specificy in the application info.plist. But why not chose convention over configuration to make life easier ;-)

Icon.png (required)
# 57x57px ... standard iPhone icon
Icon@2x.png (required)
# 114x114px ... retina display iPhone icon
Icon-72.png (required)
# 72x72px ... standard iPad icon
Icon-Small.png (recommended)
# 29x29px ... standard iPhone Spotlight search icon
Icon-Small@2x.png (recommended)
# 58x58px ... retina display iPhone Spotlight search icon
Icon-Small-50.png (recommended)
# 50x50px ... standard iPad Spotlight search icon

Just drag the files into the “Supporting Files folder” within Xcode and allow Xcode to copy the files into the proper directory of your app.
If you also want to adhoc distribute your app – like, in beta testing – you should also include the following iTunesArtwork-file in your source. If you want it to render with the shiny Apple effects in iTunes you need to provide a JPEG file, if it should be rendered untouched just use a PNG. The iTunesArtwork file must not have a file extention:

# 512x521px ... iTunes icon used with adhoc distributions

And don’t forget to exclude the file in your iTunes-Connect distributions to the AppStore. There you upload the PNG file separately within the upload process in iTunesConnect!

Hope this saves some time ;-)

Thank you for so much, Steve.

I was deeply moved by Your commencement speech in Stanford as I am when I watch it today …

Sure, it’s not Steve Jobs presenting on this special event … but I think the mixture of Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, Eddy Cue and Phil Schiller giving the presentation works out quite well. But see it for yourself by watching the official video-stream from Apple about the iOS 5, iCould, iPhone 4s, Siri & all the other details.

P.S. Hope Steve Jobs health recovers!

Here’s the Quicktime video stream of this years WWDC 2011 keynote about Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud … and how it all works together. So, tune in to see Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall presenting the newest software developments.

This years WorldWideDeveloperConference WWDC 2011 sould out within 8 hours. So, bad luck if you’ve been on a transatlanic flight at that time. Today, the lucky ones of the iOS & Mac developer community, who managed to get a ticked this year, gather at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco. Probably, Apple will share the videos of all of the WWDC sessions for free with their registered iOS & Mac developers, like they did last year. And even if the Cupertino guys won’t stream Steve Jobs keynote live, we’ll get a video stream short after the event. For real live coverage we can rely on the all those people blogging from the keynote. The keynote begins at 10:00 AM PST (07:00 PM CET) and there are a lot of things to cover: The next version of Mac OS X called Lion, the next version of iOS for iPhones & iPads and Apples new cloud service iCould.
Here’s my link list for live coverage of the event:

  • Tim Stevens & Darren Murphy for Engadget … Tim & Darren start their pre-keynote-roundup at 07:30 AM PST via UStream videostream and continue with the keynote coverage
    (Liveblog technology: UStream (not via iOS) & ? iOS-friendly engadget cms ?
  • Ars Technica … live blog will start with the keynote
    (Liveblog technology: ScribbleLive, disabled for iOS).
  • Greg Kumparak for TechCrunch … live blog will start at 08:45 AM PST – 17:45 CET
    (ScribbleLive, not iOS optimized).
  • TheNextWeb … live blog will start at 09:30 AM PST – 18:30 CET
    (ScribbleLive, iOS friendly).
  • Jason Snell & Dan Moren for Macworld… live blog will start with the keynote
    (Liveblog technology: CoverItLive, iOS-friendly)
  • Technologizer … live blog will start with the keynote
    (CoverItLive, iOS-friendly).
  • MacLife … live blog will start with the keynote
    (CoverItLive, iOS-friendly).
  • Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet … live blog will start with the keynote
    (CoverItLive, iOS-friendly).
  • Arron Hirst for RazorianFly … live blog will start at 09:30 AM PST – 18:30 CET
    (CoverItLive, iOS-friendly).
  • Gizmodo … live blog will start at 09:00 AM PST – 18:00 CET
    (Liveblog technology: unknown, iOS-friendly).

As soon as the keynote is available as a Quicktime stream, you’ll get an update here :-)

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