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Apple AppStore App Download statistics July 2008 to January 2009

Really amazing to read these new figures: 500,000,000 app downloads. Never heard of a number like this at one of the mobile operator portals of the pre-iPhone century ;-) Vodafone life or T-Motion would have dreamed of numbers like this.
But the 500 million app downloads can not be compared with the number of songs, sold on iTunes: Apple only revealed the complete number of app downloads – free and payed apps. So there is a fundamental difference between the number of (paid and free) apps and (only paid) songs.
More than 15,000 apps is also quite impressive – but it is getting harder and harder to find the apps you really like on the AppStore. There is a lot of room for improvements to meet the needs of consumers as well as developers.

Tim Pritlove talked about the iPhone and the native application development for that mobile phone with Martin Pittenauer and Dominik Wagner. Mac users may be aware of Martin and Dominik as the Coding Monkeys with their first Mac OS X masterpiece: SubEthaEdit, a collaborative text editor for the Mac. In 2008 the Monkeys also developed some iPhone applications, like Circulator or Big Clock. Tim, Martin and Dominik all together realized Blinkenlights Stereoscope a simulation of the Blinkenlights Installation Toronto 2008. That’s why they all can tell a lot of stories of the similarities and differences of programming for Mac OS X and the iPhone OS. Overall a great mixture for those interested in iPhone developement as well as experts.

The only downside for all international blog readers: The podcast is in German only. Here’s the link to the podcast!

CompareMe iPhone App
These days are really exciting: Tomorrow at 9:00 PST (18:00 CET) Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing bei Apple, will begin his keynote at MacWorldExpo … and today CompareMe, the first codedifferent iPhone application is released at the iTunes AppStore! The financial utility app is used to compare, convert and negotiate prices or bargain. The app makes use of touchscreen gestures to convert or drag and drop prices. But let’s cut the long story short: Click on the video at the CompareMe application webpage to get an impression of the look and feel.

… so now, I’m really thrilled about Phil’s talk in San Francisco about Snow Leopard and new hard- and software … what ever battery solution Apple is coming up with in the rumored unibody 17″ MacBook Pro ;-)

Jason Chen, android-Developer-Advocate at Google, just blogged the good news: One day before the first T-Mobile-G1 android-smartphones ship in the US, the Open Handset Alliance released the sourcecode of the android operating system as open source. Quite logical and necessary step … but don’t under estimate this: This step may change the mobile industry like LINUX changed the computer industry.

Joshua from just published a first review of the Google-Phone T-Mobile G1 just before the official roll-out of the Android-cellphone in the US. He tested the hard- and software – so this is a must for all those of you, who want to know more about the new phone! Thanks Josuha!

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