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Important Notice

We’re developing a complete redesign & recode of the CompareMe Shopping Utility application. After six years of free updates, we need to release this as a paid update. Sadly, the AppStore has no mechanism to deliver a paid update to our beloved customers. So the only way to do this is by releasing a completely new CompareMe app.

So, if you did not buy CompareMe, yet … save your money and buy the new CompareMe app, as soon as it is available at the Apple AppStore.

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Not Every Special Offer Is A Real Bargain At The Supermarket

The shopping utility lets you compare the price of products in different sizes and packs. Offline, where ever you are. This way CompareMe helps you save money.

Supported Units

pieces (#)
dozen (dz)
thousand (k)

gram (g)
milligram (mg)
kilogram (kg)
metric ton (t)

ounce (oz)
pound (lb)
quarter (qr US)
short hundredweight (cwt US)
short ton (ston)

quarter (qr GB)
long hundredweight (cwt GB)
long ton (lton)

Pfund (Pfd DE)

liter (l)
milliliter (ml)
centiliter (cl)
deciliter (dl)
hectoliter (hl)

cubic meter (m³)
cubic millimeter (mm³)
cubic centimeter (cm³)
cubic decimeter (dm³)

cust. fluid ounze (fl oz)
quart (qt US)
liquid pint (pt US)
dry pint (dry pt US)
liquid gallon (gal US)
dry gallon (dry gal US)
bushel (bu US)
petrol barrel (bbl US)

Imperial quart (qt GB)
Imperial pint (pt GB)
Imperial gallon (gal GB)
bushel (bu GB)

cubic inch (cin)
cubic foot (cft)
cubic yard (cyd).

square meter (m²)
square millimeter (mm²)
square centimeter (cm²)
square decimeter (dm²)
square kilometer (km²)

acre (ac US)

acre (ac GB)

square inch (sq in)
square foot (sq ft)
square yard (sq yd)

are (a)
hectare (ha).

meter (m)
millimeter (mm)
centimeter (cm)
decimeter (dm)
kilometer (km)

foot (ft)
inch (in)
yard (yd)

nautical mile (sm)

statue mile (st mi).

App Reviews

“CompareMe is a handy little app for saving a little money on the products we buy everyday.”

5 of 5 stars for CompareMe 1st Edition


iPhone Community

“The entire application has been designed for speed — buttons are large, text is easy to read, and color-coded results are instantly understandable.”

4.5 of 5 mice
for CompareMe 1st Edition

Kate Dohe


“CompareMe is a Good Calculator for Hard Economic Times”

score 7 of 10

for CompareMe 1st Edition

Michael Alexander


“One of the nice things about CompareMe, besides it simplistic style and perfect function, is the fact that everything is easy to use.”

4 of 5 stars
for CompareMe 1st Edition

Robert M. Barga

Blogcritics Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

Compare two items?

  • Input both prices and package sizes.
  • Click on CompareMe and get the result.
  • Rounded discount and premium are displayed in percent as well as the cash you save or pay more.
  • If you want to get detailed price per unit information you can click on the details button on the right.
Set discount or premium?

  • Click on the discount or premium field.
  • Set the value and hit the save button.
Convert price?

  • Compare prices by clicking on the central CompareMe button.
  • Drag the price to the price field of the other product and drop it.
  • Price is converted to the other package size.
  • You also can get the converted price information on the price per unit page by clicking on the detail button on the right.
Transfer package size?

  • Drag the amount or package size fields to the corresponding fields of the other product and drop it.
  • Amount and unit are transferred and – if the units are comparable – the price will be recalculated.
Negociate price?

  • Set the amount, unit and price of the product in item A.
  • Drag and drop the amount or unit from item A to B.
  • Drag and drop the price from item A to B.
  • Now you can start to bargain 😉 …
  • To set a desired discount or premium just click on the 0%-field and input the value. The new price will be recalculated.
  • To set a desired price, click on it an input the desired value. The new discount or premium will be recalculated.

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