What Drives Us

User Needs

… are our passion & the foundation of our app creation process. It’s all about giving users what they want and make them smile. This makes marketing so much easier.
Usability & UX Design

Usability & UX Design

because pixel matter. The look, feel and functionality of every app and service needs to be crafted. Usability & ux design are connecting people with technology.
iOS, watchOS & tvOS technolgy

iOS, watchOS & tvOS Technology

… is our toolbox. As an iOS, watchOS & tvOS app development company to create apps that make the difference. And Apple’s iOS, watchOS & tvOS platforms are the most attractive mobile, wearable & smart-tv market.

What We Can Do For You

Business App Development

You want to optimize your business processes by mobile technologies?

We create & develop tailor made business apps to meet your business needs, optimize your processes and help your employees in their daily job.

Consumer App Creation

You want to serve your existing customers with new mobile services, broaden your customer base or open up new markets?

We support your venture from ideation & app development to market introduction. We develop & assess app concepts, provide rapid service prototyping, design graphical & voice user interfaces, develop & code native iOS applications and server components, publish apps in the Apple AppStore and support your market entry & app marketing.

App Assessment & Code Review

You’re in a business transaction to buy a existing mobile solution for your company?

We audit the iOS, watchOS & tvOS Objective-C or Swift codebase of the native app and server or cloud based components, the ux design and usability of the application and the basic app concept.

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