What’s behind codedifferent? What is the mission of that blog?
… it’s a tricky question and that’s why there is no one-sentence mission statement:
Besides the creatives, the Mac attracted more and more developers after switching to the UNIX-based Mac OS X and to the Intel-CPU based hardware. There are tons of tools for designers, marketers, scriptwriters or for all that classical office work. But what about those who do not only want to develop some graphics for the web, but program databases, servers and their communication?
This is where I’m trying to merge and share knowledge, news and experiences at codedifferent:
What is Apple doing, not called apple computers any more? What are the handy tools to realize your own vision – or to make things easier? What to do with your iPod besides listening to music?
But besides the lust for great user experience and GUIs … codedifferent is also focusing on mobile business. Not an easy issue, but since the "classical" web business is transformed to web 2.0 things start to move in that slowly innovating industry. Let’s be honest: Mobile business today still means: personal telephone-lines in your pocket, ring tones and especially in Europe: SMS. Period! That’s mobile business. Or, to be precise: That was mobile business, because, after all these marketing disasters like the market entry of UMTS or WAP, things change. That’s why the field of mobile business and web 2.0 is a naturally part of codedifferent.
But the most important part of codedifferent is the man or woman at the other end of the communication channel. It’s you! And it’s great to share knowledge, experiences and news with an active – and interactive – community.
So don’t just consume – interact!

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