Dial4Light streetlighting

Lemgo, a German town situated between Hannover and Dortmund, is testing a new mobile application in a field trial: By sending a 50-cent premium-SMS a street of houses can be illuminated for 15 minutes.
Many communities in Germany turn off their street lighting system from 11 pm to save energy and funds. It’s a bad solution for pedestrians at night, but a town like Lemgo saves about 50,000 Euro a year.
A Lemgo citizen came up with a brilliant solution which serves both needs: saving funds and lighting the streets for pedestrians late at night: A mobile application. Just send an SMS to the streetlight – respectively to a GSM-modem in the junction box – and the way home is illuminated. The new service is called Dial4Light and the inventor Dieter Grote cooperates with the Lemgo public services to bring the service into the market. The requests for the patent pending technology accumulate.
The inventor is thinking of many other areas of application: Emergency services can illuminate the scene. Taxi drivers can switch on the lights for their passengers. Joggers can turn on the floodlight at the sports field in the evening. Whether one premium-SMS is enough for turning on the floodlight stays open.
By the way: You can also buy car-parking tickets by mobile phone in Lemgo.

Sources: wdr.de, Handelsblatt-Ticker.de– Picture & Source: Dial4Light

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