This blog is normally not focussing on politics, legislation, the constitutional state or democracy. But the things happening in Germany’s domestic and legal policy these days, slowly but massively affect our life and work. It affects our rule of law, our democracys, our civil rights, our constitutions, our freedom. Not only in Germany. Especially, if you deal with the internet in private and business … as probably most of us do.

Heribert Prantl, domestic policy editor the big German newspaper sueddeutschezeitung, wrote a profound article in the NZZ folio titled "Terroristen als Gesetzgeber" – terrorists as legislators. I’m really sorry that his article is only available in German – but it’s really worth reading it. All of us, who love democracy and freedom should be concerned about the facts he describes precisely.

Sources: NZZ-Folio 09/07,

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