There are moments, you have to pause for a moment, look up from your daily work and let the incidents get close to you.
Bloggers from Italy started a campaign to turn the attention of us all to the freedom movement in Burma. Form their first idea, a worldwide campaign started:

  • One day, jointly only one posting for the Free Burma! Movement in every blog – and then silence.
  • One day, jointly taking our hat off to the victimes of the resistance against the military dictatorship.
  • One day, jointly buoy up the suppressed and point out our solidarity.
  • One day, jointly exert pressure on the governments of this world to take a firm stand against the murdering military regime and take action for freedom and democracy. For example by resolving a clear and strong resolution in the United Nations Security Council.
  • One day, jointly recognize us as a global political power and giving the cry for freedom, for democracy and self-determination in Burma a strong voice.

All of us, as freedom- and democracy-loving citizen of the world, we should see this as a push to get engaged: Against suppression, against violence, against dictatorships. And for the people – far beyond this day. And even far beyond Burma.
Free Burma

A very warm thank you to all of you out there, who made this campaign happen. Especially Robert Basic.

More information on
… and a touching Free-Burma-Cut-Together on Youtube
… and a shocking report at Spiegel-Online "They Come at Night and Murder the Monks"

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