This morning, at 9 PST the time has come again: Steve Jobs starts the new Mac-Year with his traditional keynote at the beginning of the Apple centric fair and conference MacWorld in San Francisco. Even back in 1986, when introducing the legendary Mac, Steve celebrated his performance like a rock star – and we’ll get a real show act today, too.
Today it’s remarkable that this time even the Apple homepage is pointing it’s attention straight to the San Francisco event. The Apple marketing strategists sent out a cryptic but promising slogan “2008. There’s something in the air …”. The upgrade of the MacPros probably wasn’t spectacular enough for Steve – so this info was released last week.
So we only can wait and read what all the busy bloggers in the auditorium of the keynote will report – like the colleagues from – thanks to built in Airport. Hopefully we can hear the legendary sentence of Steve: “… there is one more thing!”

In the afternoon (PST) will provide a streamed version of the keynote speech.

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