Looking back into an extremely successful year 2007 with 1,600 participants at the RailsConf 2007 and 800 participants at the RailsConf Europe 2007, the year 2008 will be the year of the Rails-2.0 conferences.

April 4th/5th 2008: ScotlandOnRails, Edinburgh, Scotland
conference language: English

May 29th – June 1st 2008: RailsConf 2008, Portland, Oregon, USA
organized by O’Reilly – conference language: English

June 9th/10th 2008: Rails-Konferenz.de, Frankfurt, Germany
conference language: German

June 10th 2008: Ruby en Rails 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands
conference language: Dutch

September 2nd-4th 2008: RailsConf Europe, Berlin, Germany
organized by O’Reilly – conference language: English

There are probably a lot more conferences focussing on Rails … just drop a comment so the list can grow

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