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Again, it’s keynote time: The sold out Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 – WWDC10 – is about to begin. At 10:00 PST Steve Jobs will be on stage. Developers, fans and all others who are interested in Apple’s business development will be hypnotized of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Millions of people are sitting at their computers, iPhones, iPads or other mobile devices and want to know instantly what Steve is presenting today.
It’s really fascinating how Steve plays with the masses … so it does not surprise too much, that the big German news magazine Spiegel Online refers to the event as an “Californian worship”. That’s not how I would describe it … but it shows how hard it is to understand and describe that keynote phenomenon. Just thnik about the “viewing rates” or reach of a presentation of Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (Nokia CEO), Jim Balsillie (Research In Motion co CEO) or even Eric Schmidt (Google CEO).
What will present us today … nobody really knows. But there is a lot of rumor out there: The iPhone HD or 4G? A sneak preview of the next Mac OS X version? New Mac hardware? … the first photos from the Moscone West Center suggest that it’s all about apps … maybe a Mac AppStore 😉
Some weeks ago, a developer wrote a provocative email to Steve, whether he will counter Apples competitors like Google/Android. Steve’s short reply was “You won’t be disappointed!”.

So the expectations are high … and for all of us, who are not able to attend the Steve Jobs show at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco live: Here are some of the most important live coverage blogs for the WWDC keynote 2010:

As soon as the video of the keynote is available as a Quicktime stream … you’ll get an update 😉

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