One of the most obvious features on the iPhone 4 & iOS 4 is “Folders for Apps” to organize your apps. This is how you can cope with the food of apps – at least on your own iPhone. iOS 4 automatically names the folder and you directly can customize the name. But what about changing the name later on?

Creating folders for apps

  • If you’re in rearrange mode – by tapping and holding on an app on the home screen until the app icons start to shake – creating folders is easy and intuitive: You only need to drag an app icon over an other app icon and the iOS instantly creates a folder and automatically names it.
  • The folder opens up and shows the included apps.
  • You can change the automatic generated folder name by clicking into the rounded white name field.

Rename an existing folder for apps

  • Changing existing titles of folders for apps is only working in the app rearrange mode.
  • So, you have to tap and hold one of the app icons on the home screen until the icons start to shake.
  • Then you tap on the folder you want to rename. The folder opens up so you can see the apps and the title in edit mode.
  • You only have to click on the title. Now the keyboard appears and you can rename the folder.
  • Just press the home button once you are finished to exit the rearrange mode.

Hope this saves some time.

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