I just migrated to the new iPhone6 and recognized, that I’m not able to send out any emails from different apps like the Apple Mail app or within third party apps.
After reinstalling from iCloud-backup I go all my previously installed pop/smtp-mail accounts. When I opened Apple Mail the first time it prompted me for all the POP-passwords, to access the email-accounts. So far so good. I thought everything is ok and setup now.
But I encountered a bug, as I tried to send a picture with the Apple Picture App via email. It looked like I did successfully send out the picture. But it never arrived. So I tried to figure out the problem and a workaround. I found the bug, reported it to the Apple bug reporter but I wanted to share the easy workaround:
Just open the Apple Mail app and send one first test-email from every pop/smtp-account … then you’ll get prompted for the missing smpt-password. After entering the right password the test-emails will be send out. Even the stuck emails, which could not be delivered before, will now be sent out. Just check out the “Sent” box by selecting the email-Account in the account list of the Mail app. If the old mails are still here. you need to open and send them to get everything done.

Hope this helps 🙂

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