I just ran into a pesky Apple ID problem as I tried to download the new Xcode 7 beta and all the other SDK resources Apple presented at the WWDC 2015, yesterday. Apple revamped some of restricted developer.apple.com section as they prepared everything for the conference.


  • As always, I jumped to developer.apple.com . Apple changed the member area quite a bit. So I just went to “Member Center”, logged in with my Developer Apple ID, selected the right team … everything fine so far.
  • In the new “Member Center” I followed the link to “SDKs” to download the resources, like Xcode 7 beta, watchOS 2 beta, iOS 9 beta or OS X v10.11 Developer beta.
  • But when I followed the download-link I was redirected to “My Apple ID” idmsa.apple.com. Logging in here did not help me download anything.
  • So, what should I do.


  • The problem occurred, because my primary email address was not verified. In fact, I even used this address as a verified secondary email address at my other Apple ID.
  • So, before I was able to verify my primary email address at my developer Apple ID, I had to remove that verified secondary email address from the other Apple ID.
  • Then I was able to verify my primary email address on my developer Apple ID successfully.
  • After solving my Apple ID mess … it was just as easy as always to start the download of all that gorgeous beta stuff.

Hope this helps some other iOS / watchOS / OS X developers to get access to the SDK resources … happy coding & beta testing 🙂

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