Kevin Spacey awarded the turbo dating comedy episode “English as a Second Language” with the grand prize of the MOFILM-jury. Frank Chindamo produced the 3 Minute shortfilm directed by Jocelyn Stamat.
The british charmer Rupert is played by Greg Ellis, Alexa Havins plays the American Sarah and model Claudia Mason is the woman Genevieve with a lovely french accent from Paris.
Congratulations – the shortfilm really deserves it.
But one interesting question is open: How will they merchandise the shorts? I would immediately think about the short film section in a store of a fruit company in Cupertino: They sell shortfilms for $1.99. I think they are quite successful in merchendising music, mobile applications and also TV-series and movies 😉 But that would probably not taste good for the GSMA Mobile World Congress – one of the partners of the MoFilm festival: Finally the fruit company just ignored the congress and the fair even in the second year of the iPhone boom. and even though everyone talks about the iDanger.

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